About Eye On Conflict

Eye On Conflict views breaking news, current events, politics and celebrity trauma and offers insights about how reported conflict could be resolved with the help of a trained mediator.

In mediation, a neutral person facilitates discussion and negotiation between parties in conflict and helps them reach a mutually agreeable resolution.  Sometimes this is done by simple compromise; other times litigants engage in collaboration until they achieve a real “win-win,” that is, a solution that satisfies both sides, something seldom accomplished through litigation.  Among other variables, a skilled mediator must be an expert communicator, creative problem solver, master negotiator, and perceptive “people reader” while dealing with people often at their worst in a high stress situation.

Lee Jay Berman is a highly experienced mediator and host of the radio talk show “Talk It Over.” He has has trained lawyers, judges and business leaders throughout the United States, as well in India, Jordan, Croatia, The Netherlands and Dubai (UAE), in mediation and conflict resolution skills.   In his Eye On Conflict blog, he applies his experience and skills to the conflicts in the news in the hope that our society can find more peaceful and collaborative ways to handle conflict.

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